Accounts Payable Solutions

A/P can be one of the most time consuming and varied operations of a company. No vendor's forms are the same, most information has to be dealt with manually, and end of the month closings can put a strain on the staff. We offer a variety of processes to automate your A/P and while we can not always automate 100% of it, often 80% can be automated. 80% can add up quickly to some very beneficial productivity and cost savings.

• Improved customer service – issues resolved in real time
• All information is linked to one place
• Reduction in personal needed for AP work by saving 1 hr of staff time per day
• Immediate availability
• Significant increased efficiencies for all of accounting
• Generally at least $5K savings in printing, postage and paper costs
• Usually 90% of invoices are now electronic.
• Process invoices faster & more accurately sometimes down to 2-3 days from 14
• Timely approvals

A/P Case Studies - Associated Grocers, Inc, Avis Fleet Services, Franklin County, PA, Pebble Limited Partnership
A/P Case Studies - CSU Chancellor's Office, Cabarrus County, NC, Eaton County, MI, FL League Cities, Williamson County, TX
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Case Studies Authored by Joanna Stusarz - Laserfiche Solution Exchange